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Nov 1, 2012 11:00am EDT
they have all that snow. still only in the 30s there. closer to washington, the areas in green are beginning to climb into the 50s. it's 50 at reagan national. photos, new ones of the heavy snow devastation in western maryland. that will be coming up in a minute. we'll have the seven day outlook as well. >> can't wait to see the pictures, tom. >> we are going to check the midday traffic for the first time. >> yes, danella sealock can tell us how it's going on the roadway. >> we are seeing effects of sandy on the roads if you are traveling in the district. 200 trees down in the area. if you are making the commute on local roadways, be careful, use caution and look out for downed trees. also, traveling up new york avenue in northwest, the right lane is blocked by water repair. i's going to last four to six hours from now. word of construction on the american legion bridge on the outer loop. the left lane is blocked. back to you. >> thanks. >>> we are following a developing story right now. new criminal charges are expected today in the child sex abuse scandal at penn state university. the scho
Nov 14, 2012 11:00am EST
. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >>> look at that sky out there right now. sunshine. but it's cold out there. >> what a difference a day makes. storm team 4 meteorologist, tom kierein with the first 4 forecast. >> hey, tom. >> it's been cold. the picture is deceiving. we saw the blue waters of the potomac under the blue sky. we have been stone cold thanks to the high pressure over the region since yesterday. we have clouds off to the west. they are streaming in from the north off the great lakes down into the shenandoah valley and the highlands. east of there, it's bright and sunny. temperatures right now are just now beginning to climb into the mid-40s. we were holding steady, ne freezing for several hours from 4:00 this morning to 9:00. now, we are in the low to mid-40s. much of the region, not going to warm up. maybe another five degrees. that's it. that is way below the average high this time of year, which is 59. how much longer is the chill going to last? what about the coastal storm? we'll have the latest on that with the seven day outlook in a few minutes. barbara and keith? >>
Nov 15, 2012 11:00am EST
from the clouds. a few thin clouds northeast of washington in the northern prince george's county into eastern howard. they are getting a little sunshine trying to breakthrough. elsewhere, it is quite cloudy. we see the light blue in the 40s. in the areas in green are beginning to climb into the upper 40s to near 50. it's in far southern maryland. reagan national at 47. still in the 30s out in the mountains and around parts of the shenandoah valley. a look at the rest of the week and the weekend. how much longer will the chill last? barbara and keith? >> naung. >>> let's see if things are moving on the roads. >> danella, you are facing the traffic in the hallway with the wedding. what about the roadway? >> i know. i need a tracker report for the hallways. let's talk about i-95 in virginia, northbound at prince william parkway. alternate lane closures because of construction. volume is light. the beltway is where you are going to face problems. outer loop, american legion bridge slow as you cross because of the road work. the right lane is blocked. look at gw parkway. the lane is b
Nov 8, 2012 11:00am EST
could dump as much as a foot of snow in new england. >>> here in washington, we missed the brunt of the storm. it affected travel. at reagan international, some people had to spend the night. megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: here at reagan national airport, things are getting back to normal. on the board, this flight to new york's laguardia is listed on time. down below, a flight to newark has been canceled. we have frustrated passengers here this morning. this comes a week after sandy blew through and reeked havoc on flight scheduled. there were the lucky, those able to fly out on time this morning. >> boarding time is 7:10. >> reporter: there were the unlucky. people who got stuck at reagan national, their flight scrapped due to the snow. richard spent the night in the terminal. >> tried to get a hotel. they had been booked or not responsive. it's tough. i slept there. many people sleft there. it's been interesting. >> reporter: the cancellations in and out of new york began before the weather became a problem on wednesday. things just started to get back to normal after sa
Nov 12, 2012 11:00am EST
, and also help out with counseling. this place was the original number one soulful service in washington, d.c. 1884. the executive director, a retired u.s. army general, gave us an idea how this started. >> so much heritage goes back to those alcoholics from the civil war on pennsylvania avenue. a young man with the heart for them and saying these guys need spiritual help and they need physical help. we begin by feeding them, sharing god's word with them and bringing them on board. >> keith, you know, one of the things, we talk to the vets here, we talk about how engrained they are in the mission. he was in the air force. he retired. he was homeless. then he got involved in the mission. he told us a little bit about his story. >> i was lost. i was confused. the mission pretty much gave me that place of home and help and it was just a great overall being for the mission. just helps you tremendously. >> just a great, great mission here on 14th and r. a luncheon set to take place with a couple really good keynote speakers. these guys will trade war stories all day long and probably into the ev
Nov 13, 2012 11:00am EST
ended and now it has cleared out here in washington. getting sunshine breaking out. this is the view from storm team 4 radar over the last couple hours. you can see the rain to the east. we have dried out in washington now. our nearby suburbs, light rain in southern maryland from charles county, st. marys, northern neck of virginia and the eastern shore. it will be ending there over the next couple hours. we are clearing out from the west. the latest satellite pictures showing a nice clearing. it's going to continue to do so through the rest of the afternoon. what a chill in the air. it's only 45 at reagan national. off to the west and north, low 40s. hovering in the mid-40s, maybe briefly upper 40s over the next couple hours. the chill remains throughout the week ahead. we'll look at that. the seven dayout look coming up in a few minutes. back to you barbara and keith. >> thank you, tom. let's check on midday traffic now. >> danella with not so good news to share. >> unfortunately, it's been a mess all morning. let's head to clarksville, md 32 highway closed between linden church ro
Nov 2, 2012 11:00am EDT
grath is live on the scene from the latest from washington's brookland section. >> reporter: when police repond to 911 calls they are not sure what they are going encounter, what is going to be happening on the scene when they arrive. that was certainly the case this morning. a veteran police officer and his partner were in harm's way responding to a domestic assault call here. the officers were attacked by the suspect. one fired in self-defense. police chief kathy lanier hugged one of her officers on the scene. investigators pick up a hoels ere and place t in the trunk of an unmarked call. it was a close call responding to a 911 dispatch. a d.c. police officer became the victim when he was attacked by a man with a knife. >> officers received the call about 6:45 for domestic assault. when they arrived on the scene and approaching the house, apparently the suspect came up from behind the officers and attacked. one of the officers has several stab wounds to his head, neck and hands. the officer then turned around and gave the suspect and shots were fired. >> reporter: is suspect died on the scene
Nov 7, 2012 11:00am EST
night for supporters of same-sex marriage. maine passed a similar measure. the state of washington is counting votes for their own amendment. the only state that blocked a ban on same-sex marriage was minnesota. >>> you will soon be able to experience las vegas without leaving the area. voters passed a measure to bring table game tosca see knows. it paves the way to a casino. tony tull is live with more for us now. tony? >> reporter: good morning. over the last couple days, i spent a lot of time in prince george's county, especially yesterday talking to folks about question 7. there was no way to tell which way it was going to go. it has passed. the empty lot behind me is the sight of maryland's sixth casino. one of the hottest topics was at the poll. residents of prince george's county voted 59 to 41 in favor of seven. >> with it young and new and having been built in a recession, it's kind of exciting to see what it could bring. >> reporter: with the passing of 7, maryland voters signed off to build the sixth casino here in prince george's keown. it will bring revenue to many nee
Nov 9, 2012 11:00am EST
. meanwhile, huge flames consumed an apartment building in washington state overnight. flames shot 20 feet into the air. there's no word on how that fire started. everyone was able to get out safely. >> new today, now that the president has been reelected, the first mission has to be addressing the crisis that will send us into a recession. the fiscal cliff that could be coming this way. the president is expected to urge congressional leaders to put their differences aside for the good of the nation. this is his first public reaction since being reelected as president. >>> turning to the weather, sunny, but it's chilly. >> the good news? >> yeah. >> it's warming up. storm team 4 tom kierein is here with the forecast. >> hey, tom. >> i love that sapphire sky, gorgeous sunshine around the region now thanks to high pressure that's been pushing in since last night. clearing the sky out, here is what's been happening over the last 12 hours. a beautiful, beautiful blue sky that is going to be with us through the afternoon. tonight is clear as we get into the weekend. yes, the winds will be shift
Nov 6, 2012 11:00am EST
lines. while daunting at first glance, voters of washington mill elementary say it moved smoothly, even with the new voter id requirement. >> i thought it was smooth. very well organized. the folks were very good about telling us to be informed and went like that. >> reporter: for others, the crowds proved to be too much before work. >> i'm going to come back this afternoon. >> thank you. >> reporter: virginia is an important swing state with president obama and mitt romney in a statistical dead heat in a hotly contested race for the u.s. senate. the old dominion took on national significance. results in loudoun and prince william counties are key indicators of how the state may go. voters seem to like that. >> we moved here from new york. to actually your vote means more here. it's a little exciting. >> it is exciting, of course it's exciting. it's our country. i'm also from ohio. it's a double whammy for me. >> reporter: i asked a couple how long it took them. they said an hour and ten minutes. earlier, i was talking to an election official. he said as of 11:00, a third of the voters
Nov 5, 2012 11:00am EST
washington, new york and boston. that's because crews are still repairing the damage caused by sandy. amtrak is telling passengers to make reservations by phone or online to avoid soldout trains and long lines at ticket counters. >> hurricane sandy is making it extremely difficult on the new york state board of elections. they're shipping generators out to polling locations that are still without power. the board is expecting a low turnout. less than 25% rejgistered voter. the news comes as new jersey's board of elections announced it will allow residents to e-mail their votes in if they cannot get to a polling station. >>> right now, montgomery county council president roger better lander is discussing pepco's response to hurricane sandy. he's meeting with members of the media at the council office building in rockville. thousands lost electricity in the county as trees knocked over power lines following the storm. but pepco is receiving mostly high praise for their response. restoring power to everyone only a few days after that dynamic storm. >>> jersey just can't catch a break. they had
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11